Women stock up cheese, men are more carefree

Consumption habits The relevance of cheese in Italian daily consumption is definitely underlined by a research carried out by the agency Food Insider. The research shows that 84% of a sample of 100 individuals eat cheese more than once in a week, while 11% only once a week. Differences between men and women about cheese... Continue Reading →


A month ago, an e-commerce company in the capital of Iceland has started to deliver foods which are orders online via drone. For now, two or three orders are delivered per day but the company claims that this method is cheaper, faster and more environmentally sensitive than vehicle deliveries.            ... Continue Reading →

Food allergies in social media

In a connected world everything passes through social media: it’s not only our daily life to be influenced, but also our choices in our diet. In add, when we speak about problems related to food allergies, the trend that this industry is facing on the web is clear: INFLUENCERS are driving the online world of... Continue Reading →

The (not so) secret MENUs

It’s a day like any other, you are queuing for your coffee at Starbucks, when suddenly, the person in line in front of you, orders a Butterbeer Frappuccino. “What?” You think to yourself. That’s exactly how everyone found out about secret menus. All jokes aside, secret menus are a real thing, that recently became more... Continue Reading →

Our experts

Are you interested in food? Would you like to know trends, marketing news, digital strategies and tips and other information about the food world? Look at the last news from our network: Chocolate: http://www.philipfodbold8.wixsite.com/chocolateconfession/ Street Food: http://www.thebravetasters.wordpress.com Spices: https://spicedexperience.wordpress.com/ Pizza:  https://pizzable.tumblr.com Wheat flour and bakery products: https://worldofwheat.wordpress.com Coffee: https://ctvenice.tumblr.com/ Food and Travel: https://vanleo1995.wixsite.com/inbloom Artisan Beer:... Continue Reading →


How many Americans like pizza? Incredibly, 94 percent of all Americans enjoy pizza regularly. More than three billion pizzas are sold annually in the U.S, more than ten percent of all food orders. October is America’s Pizza Month: an entire month dedicated to this amazing food, allowing to try pizza in all its variations and... Continue Reading →

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