How 3D Printers are Changing the World of Food

When food meets technology. Discover the 3D food printers and the restaurant that has already implemented this technology.


What is to be considered with your coffee water?

How important is the water you use to make our coffee? Is tap water fine or should we choose bottled water? Why? Which are the water characteristics that influences the coffee. Everyone wants to prepare the perfect coffee at home, often they key is not the fancy nespresso machine but the water you fill your... Continue Reading →

The (not so) secret MENUs

It’s a day like any other, you are queuing for your coffee at Starbucks, when suddenly, the person in line in front of you, orders a Butterbeer Frappuccino. “What?” You think to yourself. That’s exactly how everyone found out about secret menus. All jokes aside, secret menus are a real thing, that recently became more... Continue Reading →

Our experts

Are you interested in food? Would you like to know trends, marketing news, digital strategies and tips and other information about the food world? Look at the last news from our network: Chocolate: Street Food: Spices: Pizza: Wheat flour and bakery products: Coffee: Food and Travel: Artisan Beer:... Continue Reading →


How many Americans like pizza? Incredibly, 94 percent of all Americans enjoy pizza regularly. More than three billion pizzas are sold annually in the U.S, more than ten percent of all food orders. October is America’s Pizza Month: an entire month dedicated to this amazing food, allowing to try pizza in all its variations and... Continue Reading →


Creativity and innovation are conquering ice cream industry. Two ingredients which are able to involve and entertain both adults and children. The new trend is spreading, only the bravest producers can survive in the fight for most strange ice cream type. New flavors, shapes and techniques can make ice cream a unique experience and increase... Continue Reading →

Chocolate vs Coffee

The Ultimate Showdown Approximately 1 billion people in the world eat chocolate every day. People pour about 1.4 billion cups of coffee per day worldwide. I myself drink way too much coffee every day and eat delicious chocolate more often that I'd like to admit. But which one is better for your health? The answer... Continue Reading →

Food trends

Every year we seen a wide range of food and drink trends, reflecting changing attitudes towards health, social values, and the environment. These trends affect food categories performances. For example green tea continues to rise for consumpion at home, so people share a lot of picture about it. With the hashtag #greentea we can find... Continue Reading →

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