Social Media Marketing 31/10/17 Exam – Attending students’ final grades

Please find the final grades of the Social Media Marketing 31/10/17 Exam for  attending students  (including exam + group project + class activities) on my webpage:


Group projects – final grade

Below the grades for the 2017/18 group project. The grading is comparative and took into consideration the following elements: overall SMM strategy and implementation use of concepts and tools explained in class original research and content (eg., interviews with companies, influencers, consumers, etc.) collaboration with other groups final presentation. It is possible to have a... Continue Reading →


Black, delicious and… instagrammable! This was the cooler trend of this summer:  BLACK ICE CREAM! The black color of this strange ice cream derives from charcoal, and this beautiful creation is made with midnight-black, almond-charcoal flavored soft serve ice cream. But of course it’s not everything about ice cream: to match its dark colors, the ice... Continue Reading →

When the packaging makes the difference

Walking through the supermarkets’ shelves, everyone can notice that the number and the variety of the packaged products keeps increasing, for a cumulative series of motivations: the tendency to request products that are more and more specific and unique (for intolerant people, vegetarians, vegans, biologic, etc.), and in different sizes (family size, normal, smaller size... Continue Reading →


Thursday 26/10 h. 10.30 - 12.00 S.Giobbe 2B 1) Six pack 2) Delicious Media 3) Eat and Roll 4) Terras h. 12.15 - 13.45 S.Giobbe 10A 5) Snapschat 6) TasteIT 7) The Meal Deal 8) The Tasters It is possible to switch order commenting under this post. Presentations should be sent by email by Thursday... Continue Reading →

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