How do Italians “look for” wine?

Nowadays, in Italy, the English words are entering more and more in the every-day vocabulary. Italians use those words every day, such as web, digital, marketing, food, blogging, social networks, brands, apps, etc. The list can be long, but surely we do not want to bore you. However, why is this issue important for communication and marketing nowadays? It is not only important, but also essential! Your potential customers when online, do not look for the company or the brand, but for the product.

Therefore, do you know whether your product is googled with the Italian or the English term?

According to our previous research (link),  in Italy the most common trend in looking online for “food” is exactly the English word rather than the Italian one “cibo“. So we asked ourselves: how does it work for wine?

As you can see from the chart – obtained with our research done on Google trends – the results on wine are in contrast with the ones of the previous research. As a matter of fact, in Italy people look a lot more for the Italian word “vino” (displayed in blue) rather than the English counterpart “wine“(displayed in red). Probably Italians remained tied to the native word as a symbol of quality and history of Made in Italy vineyards. A clear example of the importance of the Italian word is given also by the famous exposition Vinitaly that embodies the Italian term, despite being addressed also to an international audience.

By Voce al Vino



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