Italian Chocolate Consumption


Italy is the third largest producer of chocolate in the world, preceded by the United States and Switzerland. Strangely, even though Italy produces a large amount of chocolate, Italians themselves do not consume a high amount of chocolate a year. Italians, on average, consume 9.5 pounds of chocolate per person each year. In comparison, Swiss consume an average of  19.8 pounds per person per year.

Italian chocolate is on the rise. Consumption has doubled since 2000, and Google Trends prove that Italians are more interested in chocolate today thaswitzerlandn they were 16 years ago. Italians now Google the word “cioccolato” much more often than they did in the past.

Another thing to note from the Google Trends graph is that interest in chocolate dramatically varies from month to month. In the winter and spring, Italians are more likely to search for chocolate on the web. This is important for businesses to understand when trying to sell chocolate in Italy. A promotion in the summer would not do as well for a company as one in the winter, because that’s when Italians are looking for chocolate.

By Chocolately


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