10 cheese little curiosities

  1. Which is the most expensive cheese? ‘Pule’, a traditional serbian cheese produced with donkey’s milk, achieved the award of the most expensive cheese in the world: its price reaches 1.320$/kg. The reason why it is too expensive is that donkeys need to be squeezed by hand and 25 liters of milk are necessary to obtain 1 kg of cheese.
  2. Are there some contests for cheese? Yes! In Birmingham takes place every year the ‘World Cheese Award’; more than 2700 types of cheese are tasted by 300 referees that draw up the winners!
  3. Are all cheeses edible if well preserved? No! The Casu Marzu, also known as ‘Cheese with Worms’, was included in the Guinness Book of World Records 2009 as the world’s most dangerous cheese. The reason? “Any remaining larvae survived to the action of gastric juices may cause vomiting, abdominal pain and bloody diarrhea”.
  4. When was the Cheese born? The creation process of the cheese dates back more than 4,000 years. The legend tells that the cheese was invented accidentally by an Arab merchant.
  5. Why have they different colors? The cheese contains only a tenth of the volume of the milk used for made it. Its typical orange or yellow color, more or less intense, is due to a dye obtained from the seeds of annatto. For other types it is used the titanium dioxide, a mineral commonly added to toothpaste; it’s used to turn white cheeses such as mozzarella.
  6. Why most are round? Because many cheeses are traditionally produced in the wheels. The shape made them easy to transport in the pre-industrial era, and also can be more easily stacked to save space during storage and maturation.
  7. Why has the cheese got holes? The holes
    are typical of Swiss cheese. During the processing of milk into cheese, it creates carbon dioxide bubbles that form small air pockets causing, in this way, the holes.
  8. Which is the oldest cheese in the world? It is 3600 years old, and it was discovered in 1900, perfectly preserved, near the neck of two mummies buried in the Taklamakan desert. How could it resist for such a long time? Thanks to the dry climate of the desert and to the tight-fitting of the bandaging of the mummies, wrapped up in coffins sealed with cow’s leather and buried in a salted ground: like a sort of ‘vacuum-seal’.
  9. Can people eat every kind of cheese anywhere? No! Many types of cheese that are very popular in Europe are illegal in the United States. In fact, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) imposes restrictions on the circulation of some bacteria which can be found in many handcrafted types of cheese. The importation in the USA of such cheese is severelyforbidden.
  10. Which is the most smelly cheese? Who thought that there was no cheese stinking more than Gorgonzola or Puzzone di Moena was wrong. In fact, there is a cheese that is the worst in the world in terms of stinking. We are talking about the “Vieux Boulogne”, a soft cheese made in Boulogne sue Mere in the North France, which has been elected the most smelly cheese in the world. Another cheese which is very stinky is the “Epoisses”, which had been banded in the french public transportation because of its extreme bad smell.
    immagine-2-10-puntiBy Food Sultans

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