Bakery Products: a sector without crisis


Italians have always been known as “dolce vita” lovers as well as food enthusiast. This privileged relationship with the food industry is also a dominant sector in their economy. Italy, known by all as the “bel paese”, has always been the vacation destination for many tourists not only for its breathtaking views but also for its unforgettable cuisine. All over the world the Italians managed to make their kitchen traditions a distinguishable and successful trait.The economic crisis of the recent years, though, has strongly hit this country and consequently all of its economic sectors. What seems to be outstanding here is the sector related to wheat and bakery products. Due to the tendency of reducing the length of meals shifting to smaller and more frequent snacks, Italy is living a boom of the so called “bakeries”,which are small bakery shops offering cakes and other bread-related products able to satisfy all type of tastes. Thanks to the good cuisine and the renowned Italian bakery tradition these sort of small bakery shops with cafes are increasing of popularity and are introducing new eating habits in the population. In recent years, thanks to a study coming from Research and Market it has been showed how the consumption of wheat and bakery products increased thanks to accessible prices and a wide array of products. Further findings from Research and Market shows that Europe is the first world market for bakery products. A confirmation of this trend comes also from the export market. The so called Made in Italy, only in 2015 registered an 8.5% increase in export corresponding to a value equal to 3.6 billions of euro. Italy scores an honourable 5th place in the confectionary sector behind Germany, Spain, The United Kingdom and France. Regarding the chocolate industry Italy wins the bronze medal behind Germany and France. The story is completely different in the field of wheat products where “the country of beauty” is the undisputed leader with a production of 170k of tons more with respect to Germany which has to settle of the second spot on the podium .

By Food Masters



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