Food..bloggers? Are they something to eat?

According to the last research Digital of “We Are Social”, where they collected data on the use of digital channels and social, of the devices employed by users and more generally on the digital scene, it is clear that every day the total amount of people connected with internet is increasing.

In fact, out of a world population of 7.4 billion people, the internet users (without the desktop-mobile distinction) are 3.4 billion, for a total penetration of 46%.

That’s a significant data. Under a different aspect it means that not only the people connected through internet are increased but also the ways which them they can be easily reached.

There are several tools (social media, blogs, vlogs and so on) to hit consumers and so to influence them: in the last years, for instance, there was the boom of healthy blogs.

With the advent of social media, a relevant figure has acquired a lot of importance: the influencer. The “classical” celebrities from TV is no longer enough. Not for nothing that we speak of influencer marketing that it has evolved from being an experimental channel to one of the most powerful strategies in a brand marketer’s arsenal.

But in general…What is an Influencer?

“An influencer is a person who is well-connected and who is regarded as influential and in-the-know; someone who is looked to for advice, direction, knowledge and opinions”.

In general, we can divide influencers in 4 categories:

1) Traditional Celebrities: we include all the types of celebrities ( instagrammer, tweetstar..) but in general people that have achieved fame via “traditional” channels

2) Experts & Journalists: they are individuals that have achieved influence thanks their expertise. You can use them to stress the credibility so enhance the quality of your product/service.

3) Blogger and content creators: they are the ones that create contents for a blog (you can think at it as an online journal or diary) and they are very useful if you want to create a conversation around your product/service.

They have developed a following via their blog or any of the major social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouNow, Twitch, and Snapchat. Some also have a niche (or Industry Vertical) – think gaming, beauty, fashion, food et al.

4) Consumers/ brand ambassadors:  they are champions of a company’s products and services, though often they are not company employees. They can start the word of mouth.

Now it’s all about your followers on social media. As concern sector of food, the category most relevant are Food Bloggers and Bloggers that are the new ones to watch. The power of these people is that they build a relationship with their audience based on expertise, authenticity and trust.

For this reason, several food brands are already working with influencers to provide value to their target audiences. They help firms to appear authentic.

So, for a food firm, influencer marketing is allowing them to:

  • Make events interesting: like the creation of an interactive conversation during an events (Facebook Live or Live Tweeting)
  • Take Chances with new Ideas: the firm can receive new ideas (about selling or promotion) exploiting the creativity of the influencers
  • Gain more user-generated content: the influencer is more close to consumers and so he/she understand them better and so creating the perfect content
  • Penetrate different social networks: every social media is different (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram). For this reason the food firm can decide to work with, for instance, Snapchatters in the food of niche.

Remember that influencers are an important “tool” because they are perceived more credible than for instance an advertising coming from the firm because they are not perceived as promotional.

“True influencers drive actions, not just awareness”.

By Social Foodies


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