6 examples of headlines to attract readers

Online or offline, headlines have always been one of the most effective tools to attract readers to articles. Starting from several marketing guides by Jay Abraham, Jeff Bullas implemented some of his best ideas for offline media to be used also on the web.

1. The “List” headline

Can be of any number, but in general, the longer the list, higher will be the traffic generated
e.g. Top 10 Most Expensive Ice Cream Desserts on Earth

2. The “How to”
In a world where everyone is trying to work out how to do something, this headline allows to give you lots of visualization
e.g. How to make ice cream

3. “Get what you want” headline

This headline provide a promise that tells people how to do something and they will feel compelled to read the article.
e.g. 6 Ways to Make Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Machine
4. Predictions and trends
Pique people’s curiosity is always a good idea!
e.g. Black in black

5. “Best and the worst” headline
It is actually been noticed that the negative aspect works better, but be careful not to write something like this every day!
e.g. The 9 Best and Worst Ice Cream Treats

6. Facts, figures and statistics
Provide interesting facts, figures and statistics that readers can use in a conversation it is always a good idea!
e.g. 30 ice-cream industry statistics and trends

Sometimes the inspiration doesn’t come, so have a list of headlines that work is a good idea!

Source: www.jeffbullas.com


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