3 Best Practices to promote your wine …on-line!

Facebook or Twitter? Instagram or Pinterest? Should I write or should I “show” my wine?

Just to start looking online for different social media makes you anxious? Many are the decisions that you have to take. Also you know that all of those decisions will shape your presence online. Many firms in the wine industry are scared about this, mainly in the Italian business ecosystem.

A research made by Michele Artuso, a scholar from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice with the passion of both marketing and the wine industry, has found exactly this. The research “Wine becomes social – How to foster the brand through the social networks opportunities” was written alongside with the lead of Prof. Umberto Rosin, teacher of advanced marketing of Ca’ Foscari University.

His data show how Italian firms are not catching the opportunity to be online. With respect to other countries, such as USA and Australia, many Italians wineries fail to be online. The main reasons for this are competences and costs. Many of the Italian wineries – the majority of which settles in the Treviso area – are small enterprises which can’t sustain the costs of training and having a marketing “guy” inside the firm. Outsourcing is and can be a solution to reduce costs. However, many entrepreneurs are not keen in trusting an external agency, since lacking of competences doesn’t help them to evaluate the work made by it.

So, by our experience in the winery industry and the analysis made by the scholar Michele Artuso, here are 3 Best Practices we suggest you. In this way you may start understanding the social media world in the winery industry and be more prepared when deciding to engage and outsource a social media marketing strategy.

Here are the 3 Best Practices to enter a SMM strategy in the winery industry:

  1. “Content is king”
    In the social media world this payoff is well-known and like the bible. Yes, content is the most important aspect in a social media marketing strategy. Do you know what is the best content to create and publish in the winery industry? From the research, the answer is “visual-content”. Specifically for the winery industry photo and video are the most engaging toward consumers, much more than a written blog. The only exception to the rule is if you want to be international. An international consumer wants and needs a lot of information before buying, since shipping costs are higher. Creating both, of course, is the best solution. However, if you need to choose we suggest a more visual strategy.
  2. Be on Time!!!
    Time and frequency are very important. You must decide very carefully when and how much to publish. The decision depends from your own strategy, the amount of content you can provide and which social you are considering. The important thing here is to be consistent in the “times” you choose: you must be present regularly. If you choose to post once a week, do so! Do not disappear during summer because you are on holiday, or you are going to lose opportunities.
  3. Don’t forget to build your brand community…
    Last, but not least, to build your brand community is fundamental. Re-tweet, answer questions, answer to comments. Talk to your consumers. Create this virtual conversation with them about your wine, your company. Communicate yourself: your story, your quality, your culture and be transparent. When you do so, you will increase your presence, increase followers and eventually consumers who will become ambassadors of your wine.

Don’t lose the opportunity: be on-line! Reach-out to us for any further questions.

By Voce al Vino


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