The Cake Design Boom


From the great british bake off to the cake boss stopping by the king of chocolate, the tv shows are seeing the emergence of cake design. Cakes that are not just delightful but also beautiful and elaborated. It is a tv phenomenon that can be seen also in our usual bakeries.The eyes want their part too, bake off is a program facing its 4th edition in Italy. It offers the opportunity to amatorial baker to gain visibility through a competition and also the possibility for the winner to publish his/her own recipes book. The cake boss on the other hand is an american show that talks about Carlo’s bakery shop, an italian immigrant that managed to emerge as a baker and became the king of cake design. Beautiful and spectacular cakes the most similar as possible to the reality they are representing. The secret here is offering something stunning and tasty. Quality side by side with design. The fourth edition of bake off in Italy confirms a rising and positive trend for the program. The public is interested as well. Interesting is also the social media visibility gained by the program, during the show it is possible to send tweets by using the official hashtags (#bakeoffuk #cakeboss). A good practice can be exploiting the media visibility of these programs by tweeting our own products using the official hashtags of the programmes. In this way we can grant ourselves precious moments of visibility. Hundreds of users are connected during the show and hundreds are the tweets visible. Exploiting this success by publishing our own products can be a good way to gain popularity and letting the general public to get in touch with us; maybe this would allow us to be the next #cakeboss.

By Food Masters


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