Intermarché “Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables”: a glorious fight against food waste!

Have you ever felt discriminated? For your sex, your nationality, your religion, or for your physical aspect? If yes, you know exactly how fruits and vegetables feel everyday: their physical attributes must respect specific standards in order to be accepted in supermarkets. In this article we want to speak about a very successful campaign concerning the food industry: let’s say no to food racism, discover with us the “INGLORIOUS FRUITS AND VEGETABLES” initiative by Intermarché.

White background, an unconventional carrot at the centre of the scene. A voice-off is motivating the carrot, saying it has to believe in itself, that it has a lot of nutritional benefits and that nobody has the right to judge it and label it as “non eligible” for supermarkets. This is one of the videos used to promote the campaign. The approach is funny, but it was able to catch people’s attention and to give relevance to a very hot topic, the food waste.

Probably, you have never thought about how many products are defined as “non eligible” for supermarkets. Conversely, 3 hundred million tons of fruits and vegetables are thrown away every year. Intermarché, the third largest supermarkets chain in France, launched in 2014 a campaign against food waste. The idea is to sell imperfect fruits and vegetables 30% cheaper. The campaign was really successful and this is why it is worthwhile to speak about it.

The initiative was developed as a consequence of the fact that the European Union made 2014 the “European Year Against Food Waste”. The idea of Intermarché was to buy from their suppliers the non calibrated and the imperfect fruits and vegetables, which are usually thrown away. Then, they sold it in their stores with the slogan “AS GOOD, BUT 30% CHEAPER!”. Carrots, lemons, eggplants, oranges and potatoes were at the centre of this campaign. To make people realize they were just as tasty and healthy as the others, they also redesigned and distributed them in the form of soups or juices.

The campaign had a great success and the inglorious fruits and vegetables were sold out much faster than the expectations. Just to give you an idea, we show you the data available on Intermarché website.

Intermarché was able to increase the awareness on food waste thanks to this idea. They caught media’s attention, journalists were debating on the campaign and suggesting all the supermarkets should join similar initiatives. People started to discuss it on all the social media platforms, enhancing the awareness of Intermarché itself.

This is an amazing example of how companies working in the food industries could be able to impact the market through a campaign which is mainly promoted by mass media and social networks.

By Social Foodies


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