Four essential tools for food digital marketing

It might be a little misleading, but, despite this article is not completely focus on food, the tools that we are going to illustrate you would help the online communication of every product, especially food products.

During the past three years we have seen an huge increase of tools that help users and pros to monitor social media presence. Hence we want to provide a useful and simple guide to find your essential in this jungle of tools.

Since 2011, according to the Marketing Technology Landscape by Scott Brinker , the number of tools has increased from 150 to more than 3500 in the 2015, and this number is up to increase more and more in the current.


So, how to choose just four from this incredible mess?! Well, of course you have to start by compromising something, you cannot have everything! But, if you have a rational approach you can firstly separate all these tools in 4 main categories:

  • Reach, reaching is an important aspect because it means reaching the contact with your audience;
  • Engage, by engaging we intent to build a relationship with your audience;
  • Act, in which you produce contents and share them with your audience;
  • Convert, in which you convert the interest behaviour of your audience in something more (convincing  to buy or subscribe  a channel or a newsletter).

essential-digital-marketing-tools-2016Depending on your online activities we can recommend you one tool for each category:

  • Google Analytics: the best reaching tool made by the Big G is the key to access to data that highlight who is your audience;
  • Hootsuite: c’mon, everyone is on Twitter, so why don’t be powerful in this social media? Hootsuite is the leader in the field and helps you to monitor your audience and keep in contact with them with smart and comprehensive approach;
  • Vimeo: According to Forrester Research a minute video is worth to 1.8 Million Words. We are quite sure that posting video on the biggest community of professional videomaker worth it;
  • Shopify: if you are new on the web and your aim is selling, you cannot miss this platform. More than 300’000 stores are here present and it could be an efficient launching pad for your business.

Therefore, if you are in the food industry, you should try these useful and powerful tools and, maybe, try to become the next winner of the Shorty Award: a competition about the bests in the social media. The winner of the last year was McDonald:

Lovin’ The Super Bowl

Sources: NinjaMarketing, SmartInsights, Chiefmartec, Marketwired, Shortyaward


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