Relevant trends in the ice cream industry

Today, there are many words used in the ice cream industry to describe products and trends: gelato, ice cream, gelato vegan, vegan ice cream, natural ice cream…but what do we understand under those terms? What do the statistics says about these words? Which are the most used or most researched?

We have conduct an analysis on google trend based on different words, in order to get a better idea of what is going on in this area.

Schermata 2016-10-12 alle 13.01.17.png

Schermata 2016-10-12 alle 13.01.36.png

In the first comparison we have compared the words: gelato and ice cream. The results shows that the most diffused word between the two is : Ice cream. Except for Italy, where the word gelato is predominant, ice cream is mostly used in the rest of the world (in red)

Schermata 2016-10-12 alle 13.03.00.png

Another important issue of our research is the fact that these terms are popular mainly during the summer time, while during the winter period the searches decreased sharply. There is a cyclical trend in the research for the word.

In the second analysis we considered the two current trends in the food industry: vegan and organic, which are all around the internet nowadays, and used them in combination with ice cream. Thanks to this comparison, we realised that the most searched term is : vegan ice cream.

Schermata 2016-10-12 alle 13.05.40.png

This outcome is not surprising as the vegan philosophy has been expanding in the past few years. It has spread all over the world and has influenced thousands of people on their eating habits and lifestyle.

We can conclude by saying that it is important for artisan ice cream maker to consider what words to use in his social pages / blogs in order to be consistent with his target. In this sense, if your target is mainly foreigners, try to combine together the Italian term gelato, with the international term ice cream. If you produce vegan ice cream, highlight this aspect as it has great demand all over the world. This will create awareness for your special offer.


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