The importance of social media – a statement from Caffé Florian

As the oldest Café in the world, Caffè Florian has been serving customers from Venice and around the globe in an elegant and truly distinguished atmosphere for almost 300 years now. In our opinion Caffé Florian’s longlasting success goes partly along with the adaption in terms of changes in their marketing strategy, which means using social media marketing as an integral part of their company’s digital marketing strategy. As this was just OUR opinion – we wanted to have the point of view from the Café itself, so we did an interview with Agata Donà, one of the co-workers of Caffé Florian.

Enjoy reading the following interview!

1. What do you think are the most important factors for the success of Caffé Florian?

The main success factors of Caffè Florian are first of all the fact that the Cafè offers a unique experience mostly composed of the link between the typical italian tradition and the charme of the city of Venice. In more detial the succes is also linked to the high service quality that ensures that people are still served by waiters in tuxedos serving on silver trays, daily homemade products prepared in our laboratory by the Chef and his staff and furthermore that the location is considered in one of the most beautiful squares in the world – in St. Marcus place.


2. In your opinion, what is the target group of Caffé Florian?

In my opinion our target group in general consists of middle aged people.

3. What kind of advertising do you usually use or which types do you prefer for the Caffé Florian?

We use both – the “traditional” advertising through conventional channels such as magazines (national and international), paper guides of different genres and television services, and online advertising tied to web marketing: corporate websites, newsletter and of course also social platforms.

4. Since when do you use the internet for advertising?

We are using the internet for about 10 years now in terms of having our own website and for nearly 5 years the company is also active on social media platforms.

5. Did you noticed any changes since you are online (for example in terms of a growing number of customers?)

The type of activities we carry out online has changed a lot: First we focused on pushing our sales activities, but today we are more oriented to create a bond with people, to communicate with them and to transmit the values on which our historical Caffè is based.

6. Do you think that social media in general is important for the Caffé Florian? Why or why not?

Social media is really important for our business – not only because they allow us to spread important information and useful communications services to all our customers, but also because of the possibility to ensure that people can interact with everything that the world of Caffé Florian offers: new experiences, brand products and of course emotions.


7. In your opinion, is it nowadays important for a restaurant or Café in general to go online? Why or why not?

We think it is important that the different food companies are present online, as it is a duty to keep up with the fastmoving time – which nowadays is definitely an “online reality”.

8. Why and what kind of social media platforms do you use? Do you have a prefered platform?

Besides our website, we mainly use Facebook and Instagram, but without any preference. Our main goal is – as already mentioned – to inform and communicate with our customers and to give them the chance to have some online experiences with Caffé Florian.

9. As you are using social media platforms frequently – do you also have an editorial plan where you decide which contribution you want to post at what time or do you post spontanously?

Yes, we do follow an editorial plan on a weekly basis where we list the content we want to post in advance, but it is not totally fixed, which means that there might be some changes during a week in cases of last-minute information or events that are worth publishing.

So our advice at this point: Learn from the big leaders and appreciate the importance of social media nowadays!


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