Millennials: who are they and why are they important for the wine industry communication?

Directly from USA arrives a new definition of consumers, the so-called “Millennials”. They are the “Generation Y” and include all those people between 20 and 35 years old. Why are they special consumers? This slice of the market is the most populated, and so it counts for the largest percentage of potential consumers.

When talking about this generation in relation to wine, we should not trust the false view that, because they are young, they are simple drinkers with little education and simple-taste. The graph below presented by the site Wine Market Council represents the percentage of wine glasses consumed by different groups of consumers.


One can easily note how the “generation Y” consumes more wine than the other groups (red section). In addition to what these people drink, it is important to analyse how to choose the wine they purchase. To quote Henry Zanoni, CEO of Cavit: “This generation has an approach to the world of wine less problematic. They follow what they like, are less influenced by the opinion leaders, and word of mouth and social media are a very important source of knowledge “. From this statement, you can figure out how much less is considered the judgment of opinion leaders and experts with respect to the increasingly digital world’s authority.

Specific data regarding this topic were collected from Vintak which states that between 2009 and 2015 more than a billion conversations about the wine were made exclusively on the web. In particular, as regards the use of the digital part of the Millennials, the Consumer Barometer Google provides interesting data: indeed, about 90% of them go online every day, as if the online world and the offline were constantly interrelated.

To get in touch with the generation of Millennials, then, the wine market needs to become increasingly digital, where different platforms such as the web site, blogs, social networks and apps are present. Consequently, it is important to identify the right strategy for each winery, so that it is constant and consistent over time.

All these elements are able to create a so-called digital word of mouth, through which young people can interact and inquire more and more about the world of Italian wine. With a simple comment, in fact, you can reach many people and build a virtual chain, generating more and more consensus.

By Voce al Vino


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