Vegan Pastry


Veganism culture is often badly associated with a philosophy that is not so tolerant with different diets. In reality people decide to go vegan mainly for health issues (30% of the Italian vegan and vegetarian population chose to follow this diet due to heath matters), and for the respect of nature.The growth of this phenomenon is very significant. According to Eurispes (which annually records changes in Italians’ lifestyle) 8.1% of citizens proclaim themselves vegan or vegetarian. If we talk about Vegan we are talking about the future. This is why food industries and brands need to adapt to the demand of the majority of the population. This will to conform to changes is observed also on supermarket shelves, where the presence of vegan and vegetarian products is constantly growing. One of the biggest trends that mainly affected the vegan world is the concept of vegan bakery. But what does vegan bakery mean? Essentially it comprehends all bakery products that are made without dairy products and eggs. We can find a substitute recipe for everything, the only thing you need is a flexible and curious attitude. Internet is very helpful in finding different recipes, thanks for example to the countless vegan blogs (to mention one, has a lot of video tutorials that are certified by VeganOk). An example of how the vegan culture is affecting also omnivores is Grezzo bakery, situated in Rome. It is formed by a famous raw-vegan chef, Vito Cortese. Thanks to the online promotion via Facebook and the newborn online shop, the bakery is obtaining a lot of success and visibility. Grezzo is the first Italian bakery which produces raw-vegan cakes, chocolates and ice creams. An important role in Grezzo’s success is played by his attention on the selection of raw materials such as spelt and kamut flours.

Then, the only thing that it’s left to say is Stay Hungry, Stay Vegan!

By Food Masters


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