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November 2016

To quiz or not to quiz

Nowadays on the web we are surrounded by an endless number of websites, blogs, social media pages, videos, images and much more. Of course all this platforms and their related content are way to copious to be processed by human... Continue Reading →

A Guide for Coffee Shops to use social media marketing

In our previous posts we already have talked about why the use of social media is important. Now here is a complete social media guide to be successful in the World of Web. Even if your coffee shops already have a... Continue Reading →

A new trend for food lovers: The Social Eating

Have you ever thought about inviting a complete stranger for dinner? If not, let’s discover the new trend of social eating. As we all know, food have always been an aggregator for people. If you have to meet a friend or... Continue Reading →

E-commerce as a valuable channel for organic food

As we have already seen on our previous article, e-commerce is becoming one of the most used channels to buy and sell products and it has proved to be a valuable tool, if used paying attention to customers’ needs. A... Continue Reading →

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