A new trend for food lovers: The Social Eating

Have you ever thought about inviting a complete stranger for dinner? If not, let’s discover the new trend of social eating.
As we all know, food have always been an aggregator for people. If you have to meet a friend or a mate you invite he/she for having a meal, don’t you? At a table people can share not only the courses but also experiences and stories.
Social eating refers to a new kind of social activity that gives the possibility to everyone who love cooking, to turn their home and kitchen in a real restaurant for friends but also for perfect strangers and tourists. So, put one evening at dinner, a design house, diner strangers and good food and you have the social eating. A mix of curiosity, fashion and gluttony ready to be shared.

Nowadays everything is social and also the tradition of the Italian sacred meal has been influenced by trends in vogue in other countries. Social eating unifies the proper social aspect and the web thanks to the communities that are involved in that activity. Everything starts online: in almost every sites of social eating you have to book through a platform. Exploiting the web potentialities, social networks and the app, the social eating allows the transformation of food in a real social mean. Socializing, networking, but also earning are the main reasons of social eating. For someone social eating has become a real job.  In fact, as already stated before, this kind of activity transforms the house of cook lovers into restaurant. Therefore it is not possible to seat if you do not reward who is giving you the service. Obviously the average price is lower than a normal restaurant, but it is important to provide the right one.
Friends at outdoor party
So, the rules are simple: be punctual, do not expect to be treat as in a restaurant, and most of all: have the willingness to share an experience.
It is also important to note that social eating is not only for inviting people to have a meal, but also gives the possibility to householders to organize show cooking and cooking courses.

Now, let us look at the two most important social eating websites in Italy:
The most famous social eating platform is Gnammo. It proposes hundreds of social events in at least 300 cities.
Another one is New Gusto, that is a platform for tourists and workers. It is a proper food surfing!
So, if you are searching for a new experience or a new way to share food, this is of course a trend that you have to follow!

As we all know: the food is tastier if it is shared!

By Bloop Team


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