A Guide for Coffee Shops to use social media marketing

In our previous posts we already have talked about why the use of social media is important. Now here is a complete social media guide to be successful in the World of Web.

Even if your coffee shops already have a solid customer base, these guidelines could help you engaging more customers with social media.

Coffee shops might think social media is not relevant for them because they are generally designed for local consumers. And they often think social media won’t be successful anyway. However, nowadays local coffee shops are losing awareness and customers because of big brands and chain-stores. They are able to spend a lot of money for advertising not like independent coffee shops.

Furthermore, little coffee shops definitely haven’t reached all local customers yet. And customers also need incentives to come back and substitute their coffeemaker at home or office with better alternatives like freshly brewed coffee in a coffee shop. Competition is everywhere, and quality of product and environment alone cannot expand your consumer segment.

If you decide to go into the world of social media, it is very important not to be only present on social media platforms, such as, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But to implement interacting tools to the network. Interaction, spreading ideas and advertising promotions are just some examples.

The following guide will help you utilize your social media platforms as marketing tools with the purpose of maximizing the reach of potential customers, receiving feedback on their products, and most importantly building relationships with customers outside the local store.



  1. Customer Engagement

The most important point is to engage your customers. By asking question concerning new product lines or creations, you can ask your customers first on, for example Facebook or Twitter. This will be also a good way to show your customers they are important for you, and you start creating a relationship between them and your coffee shop.

It is also relevant to observe the reactions on your social media platforms. Which content is liked the most and which has the most comments. Also try to respond every customer and try to be open for new ideas and suggestions for improvement they could have. Moreover, you can engage your customers with user generated content. For example, starting a photo contest, where your customers have to post their best coffee photo on their social media platforms and tag yours. The best picture will win, for example a gift card to drink coffee for one month free in your shop. So he also will come back to your shop.

  1. Implementing a Pull Strategy

To not annoy your customers with too much post or content, you have to implement a pull strategy. There you don’t just sell your product but also try to show your product is irresistible.

Like before, take use of suggestions from followers and collect ideas online. Promote various products at a lower level of frequency and when greater response is received on certain products, you know what to invest in. Your social media platform is not your store. That is why, it is necessary that updates and promotions are there to inform your product and not sell.


  1. Fun and Engaging Visual Content

It is relevant that your social media platforms are perceived as good the first time a customer enters it. Factors can be visual graphics, number of likes, events, and company images and banners. Therefore, Optimization of your platform appearances are essential. Your current graphics should be dynamic and fit the current theme of your store.


  1. Social Contests and Promotions

For example, you can use photo contests, vote contests and exclusive offers. They are all simple tools to raise awareness of your coffee shop and to increase engagement.

Besides, you can achieve return on Investments with these tools.  These are:

  • Increase engagement with your fans
  • Reach new customers through their own networks
  • Differentiate your coffee shop from competitors and cut through the clutter of advertising
  • Drive up sales and traffic for your business


Now you know, how to do social media right for your coffee shop. Good Luck!

If you want to have more and detailed information, here you can read more: http://blog.wishpond.com/post/52666827985/the-complete-guide-to-social-media-marketing-for-coffee



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