To quiz or not to quiz

Nowadays on the web we are surrounded by an endless number of websites, blogs, social media pages, videos, images and much more. Of course all this platforms and their related content are way to copious to be processed by human brains. In front of our pc, smartphone and tablet we cherry-pick the pages to follow, the article to read or post to like. Social media manager need to find ways to attract people and even more important, ways to engage them.

According to an article by Buzzsumo there are some techniques that can improve the shareablity of your posts. On the list of tips on ‘how to become viral‘ today we would like to talk about quizzes. We believe quizzes are a useful tool for trying to build and engage with customers, let’s see why and how to use them!

People love to take quizzes, particularly if they are funny and not too long to be completed, but what is even more attractive is the fact that they are interactive, and people feel involved in first person. Moreover quizzes prompt people to share the results with friends on social networks (especially Facebook), enabling to have a swift and broad spread.

On the other side, for firms, quizzes can be an easy tool to produce, which is able to achieve some important purposes:

  • collecting customers data – before revealing the answer of the quiz you can ask people to insert their email address or log in through Facebook, so you will be able to have important information about your customer
  • learning about customers – you can find out information about which are you customers needs, interests, values and tastes in order to adapt your offer accordingly
  • spreading awareness of the brand – since quizzes are highly shareable, they can become viral and you can gain more followers and possible new customers

According to the sector your firm is in, you can adapt the questions of your quiz and make them coherent with your kind of product. We have found an example related to the ice cream industry, so have a look and take this nice quiz: What’s your ice cream identity?


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