Why should we talk about food in workplaces?

Nowadays, since we live in a society with full-time workers and also full-time students, we have to think about food in study and workplaces. This concern is global and each country has a way to deal with it. Some schools and workplaces offer food, but what happens when the student or the worker has to deal with it on his/her own?
Normally, people that have this kind of routine are always in a rush and don’t have a long time to spend cooking. That’s why this market is growing really fast in a lot of countries. Supermarkets are noticing this opportunity and lots of them are offering some options that are really easy to bring to workplaces. These options are also becoming available in snack bars, but often people don’t have enough time to leave their workplaces. Also another market is emerging: the delivery food industry directed to this target. With apps and Facebook pages, some places are offering delivery or to go food. If you google “app delivery lunch at work”, you will find 70.300.000 results. Lunch:on is an example from United Arab Emirates that offers the option of lunch at work without cooking.
Concerning to this subject, another important point is that people are beginning to worry about eating well during lunch time. Obviously, this is related to the healthy lifestyle that is emerging nowadays, but also with the concern of how food affects the work productivity.

Schermata 2017-09-25 alle 13.48.22


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