13 Reasons Why…to go organic!

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Walking through any grocery store today, you’ll likely see more and more shelf space designated to organics — foods that are grown without most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and animal products that are free of antibiotics and hormones. Demand for organic food is certainly up, with sales reaching $43 billion in U.S. in 2016. However, in produce aisles across the world, shoppers face the same dilemma over and over again: Is organic food really worth the extra cost, or would it be better to save money and just get the cheaper stuff?

Here are 13 reasons that will convince you to choose organic foods.

1. You can trust it
Eating organic food is the most effective way to avoid chemicals. It’s the product of a farming system which eschews the use of man-made fertilisers, pesticides; growth regulators and livestock feed additives. Organic products must meet strict standards of certification; irradiation and the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are prohibited by organic legislation. As the food is both grown and handled according to organic standards, organic food is the only way to be sure that foods that have been genetically engineered stay out of your diet.

2. You can enjoy better taste
Organically grown foods generally taste better, as well balanced soil produces healthy, strong plants that become nourishing food for people and animals. This is especially true with fruit and vegetable varieties, which are cultivated for taste over appearance. Organic fruits, for example, are usually preferred by taste testers because of their flavour, texture and juiciness, in contrast to conventional fruits that are often described as dry and having less aroma. Try it!

3.    It defends biodiversity
Organic farming supports eco-sustenance by working in harmony with nature. Studies show many organic fields contain more species of wild plants, insects and birds than regular farms. Preservation of soil and crop rotation, in fact, contribute to keeping farmland healthy. As a consequence, wildlife and soil organisms are able to play their roles in the tapestry of ecology, and we humans are able to play ours.

4.    It protects animals
Organic food promotes humane treatment of animals. Whilst the majority of conventional livestock lives in inhumane, stressful conditions and are fed on synthetic hormones to increase production, organically raised animals are usually provided with natural-grown food, access to the outdoors and have ample space to behave naturally. This of course improves the animal’s health and quality of life.

5. Higher quality means better storability
Several studies have reported that organic products store better and have longer shelf life than conventional products. And this, of course, positively affects the taste. Better storability seems to be linked to the lower level of nitrate that is usually found in organic product, which it has also been connected in many studies to better taste.

6. It’s good for the planet
It is said that everything ends up in the ocean. Even the chemicals are leaching through the soil into aquifers below; being blown into nearby rivers and lakes; or simply running off into the ocean after the rain. Of course, growing food organically will prevent it from happening. Moreover, organic products don’t harm the surrounding community in which it’s grown. Unlike non organic practices, organics keep toxins out of the air, out of the drinking water and out of the soil.


7. You’ll feel better!
Choosing organic food means you won’t be consuming the cocktail of chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers that you can easily find in conventional farm products. Moreover, organic food is rich with nutrients and disease-fighting antioxidants, which are designed to work with your body’s natural ability to regenerate your heart and well-being, producing an enormous change in the way you feel on a daily basis. Don’t you think your body deserves the best?

8. It protects you against breast cancer
Organic milk is said to be free of pesticide lindane, which has often been linked to breast cancer. The Nutrition Cancer Therapy Trust, a charity aimed at treating its patients with the help of organic food, has noticed that breast cancer patient who follow a completely organic regime usually have better recovery rates than those who are given different treatments.

9. It’s Karma stuff!
You can believe in Karma or not, but when you choose organic food and products, you are doing good things for you, your community and your planet. The result is a more positive, healthy, world.

10. You are less likely to have an hangover
Drinking organic wine you will be less likely to have a hangover, since it is free of sulphur dioxide – a preservative that is heavily used in non-organic wines. This is also the substance that causes headaches and hangovers. Don’t you want to try it?

11. It supports local firms
Organic agriculture supports small farms and offers new markets for local farmers. It directly connects consumers with where, how and by whom their food is grown. It also forges new opportunities for rural families to stay on the farm and attracts new producers to farming and food-related businesses.

12. It encourages innovation
Organic farmers are leaders in innovative research. They have developed their farming practices to minimize agriculture’s impact on the environment, by reducing pesticide. In addition, today every food category has an organic alternative; non-food agricultural products are being grown organically – even cotton, which most experts thought could not be grown this way. What will be the next step?

13. It’s money well spent
So, if you are still contemplating if it was worth the extra couple of cents to pay for organic food, the answer is yes!! The benefits of going organic are priceless.


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