The magical moment of Made in Italy food

When we speak of Made in Italy, we are not just talking about a label. The food produced by Italian companies is synonymous with high quality, genuine taste, specific know-how and long tradition. In broader terms, to play a key role is the promise of excellence that stands at the very core of Italian products.  

But it is more than this. In Italy food is culture, tradition and love. In one word: emotion. The importance given to the food can be seen during a family meal on Sunday, as well as at the small ice-cream shop. Probably Italy is the only one country to have this strong relationship with the food. And it is the soul of the Italian products and cuisine that is the main reason of their success.

All this makes it perfectly clear why the “Made in Italy” has made its way in the world. In fact, despite the economic crisis, statistics show that the demand for Italian food has increased to such an extent that an all-time record was registered.

According to analysis carried by Coldiretti, in the first six months of 2017 agri-food exports increased by 10,9% compared with the same period last year. The countries of the European Union account almost for two thirds, while the United States are the main market of Italian food beyond European borders, and the third in general terms after Germany and France. Naturally, stricter laws on counterfeiting could further enhance the trend.

It sounds like Italian companies finally understood that Made in Italy is a brand with a strong appeal on the market and that the exportations might be the golden ticket to not succumb the crisis. But it is even more important that also the Italian government is focused in the same direction, and enough to decide that 2018 will be the year of Italian food in the world.



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