WHEN PASTRY MEETS ART: Trends and news in the world of pastry and cake design

The trends of the last years show an increasing overlapping between pastry, art and design.
We can observe highly different preferences among the consumers, even if there are some common elements.
The first common element is the attraction for the mastery, the virtuosity: the more difficult and complex a product is, the more is appealing; if it is a masterpiece for the eyes it will probably be also for palate!
The second common element is the external aspect of products, not showing what there’s inside: shiny, glossy, mirrored, patterned coats completely hide misterious and alluring fillings.
For what concerns styles, patterns, colours and shapes we can observe different trends:

HIPPY AND RAINBOW: There is a renewed love for 80’s, but also for hippies styles, with a lot of colours, crazy funny shapes, sprinkles, glitters and so on.

GALAXY: The return of films like Star Wars, the futuristic/alien styles launched by stars like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, have led to the use of metallic colours and glitters with dark shades, the use of star and moon shapes, the reproduction of galaxies patterns and the use of silver foils.

MARBLED PATTERNS AND BRUSH STROKES: A dreaming atmosphere with pastel tones and shades, colours that are so light you barely recognize them.

MINIMALISTIC AND “CASUAL”: These are probably the most fashionable styles of the moment. Deconstructured cakes and pastries, often with drizzles and dirty surfaces, and (apparently) casually scattered with small pieces of gold, liquids and grains. They often present casual, asymmetric shapes, but as a whole they are able to show all the maestry behind them, in addition to the artistic taste.

FAIRY TALE: A style loved not only by children, but also (widely) by adults. Products have pastel colours but with vivid tones, the ornaments are funny ones like sweets, hearts, white clouds, and other childish, dreamy stuff. They are often drippy with chocolate or colorful frosting.

NATURE INSPIRED: The green-love, the increasing attention and respect for nature and sustainability has led to a strong enthusiasm for nature-shapes imitations. We can see incredible pastry products reproducing wood, leafs, flowers (sometimes real edible ones) but also wondeful and colorful minerals or crystals.

CARTOON AND GRAPHIC ART: Graphic arts have gained a central role in the last decades, becoming part of the language, we could say. And they conquered a space also in pastry! Stylised elements and drawings, pop-art inspired shapes and patterns, and cartoon styles make pastry extremly modern on one side and funny on the other.

FAMOUS PAINTINGS: Sometimes a cake becomes a canvas on which reproducing famous paintings… for example in the cakes of the greek girl Maria Aristidou.



So… Pastry seems to be tigthly connected with the market! Tradition is still important, but maybe more for every-day occasions like family dinings. If you want to hit and impress someone for a special occasion, you should choose the right cake with the right, original “personality”!


An important event for the world of cake and pastry design will soon take place in Milan, from 20th of October ’till 24th: “Host Milano” is a very big event and showroom about the food and hospitality markets. It will be extremely interesting, since pastry chefs coming from all over the world will compete in the “Cake designers world championship” and in the “World trophy of pastry, ice cream and chocolate” both organized by FIPGC.

There will also be other interesting activities like a pastry art gallery, where chefs will work live on their masterpieces, some meetings called “11 pillole di marketing” where pastry chefs can find precious advices to strengthen theirs sales and marketing streategies, and “dolcinarte”, a presentation of peculiar artistic techniques.
But it’s not over: the International Prize of Architecture and Design “Bar/ristoranti/hotel d’autore” will be assigned and the project “Futurbar Green” about sustainability will be presented. The official website of the event can be found here.
You can’t miss it!




This week we want to suggest you, as inspiration, a Russian bakery. Tortik Annushka creates wonderful cakes that will leave you speachless!

Delight your eyes and buds with these marvels:    https://tortik-annuchka.com/


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