The shops that attract more consumers are the fanciest ones, and consumers are attracted by the shops themselves; precisely by the way they are decorated, or how much tagged and famous is the shop on Facebook or Instagram.Nowadays, the success of pastry shops is not determined only by the products they sell: of course, the quality of sweets remains an absolute key factor, but it is not the one and only that is taken into consideration by a hungry person when he or she asks him or herself: “Where might I go today to purchase an ice cream or a piece of cake?”


The design of spaces and furniture is a key factor of success which allows bakeries and pastries to achieve commercial goals.

The most refined and minimalist bakeries attract consumers that do not only buy products, but also take pictures to post on their social media accounts; the aim is to create a comfortable environment for the people who visit the shops.

Customers have therefore established some guidelines that can help pastries to gain and keep success: for example, it is important to preserve the geographical coherence, or to pay attention about the lights, since they are a useful tool to make the showcase stand out.

Moreover, a modern bakery should also be organized on a hierarchical basis, with the showcase at its top: it should be highlighted and properly sized, to catch the consumer’s attention as soon as he or she enters the shop as well as stimulating the products’ purchase. Other than the showcase, colors are another feature that must be taken into consideration, since they help the customer to feel comfortable and they can create a sense of harmony.

Regarding the interior design, there are three popular styles among the food retailing industry:

1- Minimal2The strength of this style is the choice of linear and essential furniture’s components, combined with the use of light shades of color: white and light grey give a pure and modern atmosphere to the environment. The main elements are simple and made by glass and metal, which are the prevailing materials. The choice of this style reflects a sense of purity, simplicity and brightness for those companies with a young and sociable clientele.

2- British3

The British style stands out for its main element: the wood. The use of a great number of small elements and ornaments, such as vessels, cans and bins, helps to convey a sense of tradition to the customers. It is very useful to reach those consumers who value natural ingredients and look for handmade products.

3- Colorful4

This kind of style, characterized by a lot of bright and gaudy colors, spread a sense of cheerfulness and fun. This background is suitable for families and children, who can relax and enjoy a break. Usually these shops organize special events dedicated to children, such as  pastry courses for babies, to create a stronger link with the clients.



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