OPEN WINERIES: tradition meets innovation in front of a glass of wine

Every year, in September, around many Italian Regions, one of the most interesting and involving wine-related events takes place: THE WINERIES OPENING!

These events aim at promoting different wineries spread all over Italy and catch the attention of both young people and families who are interested in spending a cheerful day with friends while tasting amazing italian wine accurately paired with the most traditional dishes.                                                                                                                        

They might sound boring to many experts but these events are much more than mere tasting opportunities, they actually represent a great occasion to experience the daily life of wine producers, to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere and to get lost among the vineyards ( the latter might result incredibly easy after a couple of glasses of your favourite wine 🙂 ).

In order to better describe this amazing experience, we decided to personally take part in one of these events and on Sunday 17th September we went to Castello di Bonomi – Tenute in Franciacorta –  where we had the opportunity to visit the wineries in the morning, to enjoy a delicious lunch in their own restaurant and to taste their amazing Franciacorta wine during the afternoon. We were pleased to notice that many young people were there as well, showing that wine is not just a matter for “oldies” and such events are a perfect way to make millennials approach the wine culture.


We strongly believe that an event like this is a great opportunity to promote sales and increase brand awareness for local wineries and as a support to this theory we can say that many people (including us, of course) were buying different bottles to take home: this certainly showed appreciation!

Did you miss out these great opportunities? No worries! Here are some events taking place in Veneto in October:


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Original article in italian at:


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