Stay focused! Food tips to keep the concentration at work


The Meal Deal team interviewed a Brazilian graduating nutritionist, Larissa Vienhage, asking tips about food that can help you to stay focused during the working time.

The following guideline includes three steps that will radically change the way you can find the concentration needed, starting from your diet.


  1.    Avoid ingesting a large quantity of food, eat slowly and stop eating as soon as you feel the first sign of satiety.
  2. Choose to enlarge the amount of vegetables consumed and decrease the quantity of carbohydrates, such as bread, rice, pasta and potato.
  3.   Prefer lean meats and food which is grilled or baked.


Taking into considerations these easy but efficient tips and avoiding  the listed items above, you’re going to facilitate the digestion process and  extinguish the annoying feeling of being tired after meals!


When you need to stay deeply focused:

  1.     Do not ingest sugared food.
  2.     Black/green tea is perfect
  3.  Coffee, in moderate quantities, could help. Try to mix it with a spoon of coconut oil and put them in the blender if the coffee is not working anymore for your attention.
  4.   Low sugar cocoa food, 70% cocoa chocolate is one of the best snack to stay focused and  satisfy the need of sweet


Staying focused is also a matter of what do you eat.

Stay tuned to have tips about how to prepare fast snacks, we will post the second part of the interview next Monday at

Follow the graduating nutritionist Instagram @receitasdeumanutri to access more tips!


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