Healthy Pastry, when being greedy is not a shame

Health: nowadays we hear talking about it constantly, also indirectly in the form of adjectives such as biological, vegan, hypocaloric and more.
The consumer’s preferences are currently focused a lot about eating well and healthy.
Pastry, which is an integrating part of the culinary universe, is by no doubt tied to tradition but at the same time it does not remain unchanged, conversely it evolves to satisfy the actual claims of all greedy… and health-conscious.
The new path taken by pastry masters start from replacing the less healthy ingredients like butter, eggs and flour, with interesting alternatives that are healthier and natural and which mostly do notcompromise the final product taste.

Below we show you some valid solutions:

1) White sugar substitutes2a
Let’s start with the number one enemy, the white sugar.
Rich in calories and poor in nutritive substances, the easiestway to replace it is with his alter ego, the cane sugar.
Other substitutes can be the corn or rice malt, or even maple syrup or the stevia, this latter is a natural sweetener which do not rise glycemic values in the blood.

2) Flour “00” substitutes3a
The new eating styles have prompted the demand for grain and low refined flours, which help to reduce fat and sugars without compromising the softness and palatability of dessert.
The “00” flour, being refined, no longer contains the natural fibers that help the proper functioning of the intestine, it also lacks of both vitamins and minerals naturally contained in wheat seed.
Using substitutes such as whole wheat flour, spelled, rice or oats, it will be possible to obtain rich in beneficial properties desserts and therefore more nutritious.

3) Eggs substitutes4a
Apparently fundamental for dessert making, eggs are easily replaceable with water or vegetable milk + rice flour. Just add a spoonful of water and one of rice flour or cornstarch instead of each egg. Among the alternatives we also can add the banana or pumpkin whisked pulp.

4) Butter substitutesbutter
Being a food in the sight of health-conscious, the main confectionery companies are reducing its use, like the did for palm oil. In order to meet the demands of consumers, it is increasing the use of butter variants, like natural wheat or avocado pulp, from which lighter and healthier dessert are obtained.

These are just some of the emerging new trends in pastry world, but are enough to underline the broader change which is taking place even in this part of cookery. As we said before, this shift is pushed by a consumer behavior evolution, that nowadays is increasingly mindful and informed about food and nutrition.


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