Black, delicious and… instagrammable!

This was the cooler trend of this summer: 


Schermata 2017-10-20 alle 19.02.17

The black color of this strange ice cream derives from charcoal, and this beautiful creation is made with midnight-black, almond-charcoal flavored soft serve ice cream. But of course it’s not everything about ice cream: to match its dark colors, the ice cream comes in a black waffle cone!

Even though it looks intense, the flavor of black ice cream is actually fairly mild. Many reviews say that this ice creams taste great, even one of the greatest. Even if this ice creams gets its rich color from activated charcoal, it doesn’t carry any flavor of the familiar charcoal.

But the most important thing about this product, isn’t its taste. Actually, it became viral on Instagram because of its good aesthetic and well, isn’t it all that matters right now? This summer, tourists from all over the world went to a popular Los Angeles’ shop just to take a picture of their wonder black ice cream in order to make their Instagram feed cooler. And its also thanks to this trend if right now this american ice cream shop became successful and appreciated both from local people and tourists.
That’s a great example of how Social Media can be successful for a ice cream shop.


What about you? Are you ready to go viral?


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