Nowadays social medias cover an important role in our daily routine. Not surprisingly, over 39 out of 60 million people in Italy use Internet and 31 million are active on social media.

Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter are the most popular platforms and we will focus our analysis on the last two.

Twitter is a social network created in March 2006 by a Californian society, that later was spread in Italy too. Text messages have a length limit of 140 characters, hence, it is important to organize properly the Tweet’s structure. A useful tool to do that is using of one or more hashtags.

In 2010 Twitter introduced trends, a list of the most used hashtags, on the Homepage. In 2012, trends were improved according to the position, that allows the visualization of the most popular hashtags of each country or city.

Analysing the hashtag related to the term grappa, and some other similar denominations, very interesting results can be noticed. According to a Social Meter Analysis survey, the term grappa on Twitter resulted one of the most used among the liqueurs category.

In this analysis, hashtags like #liquore, #liquori, #distillato, #distillati, #superalcolici, #acquavite and #grappa have been monitored, from the 28th July to the 28 th October 2015. Within this period, 6435 Tweets and 2208 pictures shared by 3851 users were registered.

The graph below shows results’ data in percentage:


As can be noticed, the term #grappa is the most mentioned with a percentage of 74% which is more than twice of the total; it is followed by the term #liquore with the 16%. The lowest percentage is related to the hashtag #superalcolici, that covers less than 1% of the total. The other terms display a percentage included between 1% and 4%.

Afterwards, we analysed the spread of the same terms on Instagram, grounding the researches on the whole posts shared on the social network.


The results obtained are not so far from the ones of Twitter, as we can see. In our opinion, this is interesting because it testifies that the term grappa is very popular, though, this success is not reflected in the market.

It is not easy to understand or to assume the difficulties that grappa faces to reach the success that it deserves.

Focusing on the means of communication, this research highlights a confusing information broadcast. As the section Storia displays, there is not a common marketing strategy that allows to properly promote the product grappa. Without a clear identity, it is not easy to catch the attention of the potential consumers, since the impression is the one of a market not keeping up with the times.

Sometimes, the “regionality” element, which aim is to highlight the extraordinary territorial peculiarity of the Italian grappa, turns out to fragment the main message.

Considering Twitter, there are no many Italian companies registered on the social network, even if, this platform could represent the base for a more innovative strategy which aims at increasing the awareness in the foreign markets, especially American ones, where this Social has a great impact.


Picture 1: The popularity of the hashtag #grappa in the world

This picture shows how popular the term #grappa is, especially overseas. These data are very interesting because they represent the grappa market awareness; and this is a good foundation from which to start to make such a popular product on social networks the object of an increase in real consumption.

We analysed in detail how the term grappa behaves in the most popular social networks.

However, what about You Tube?

According to the “Digital in 2017” report, promoted by We are social and Hootsuite, 31% of the Italians declare watching videos online at least once a day and YouTube is the most active platform. Nowadays, the trend is to focus more and more on videos and live streaming, for this reason, having a YouTube channel could be a useful investment.


Do you want to involve your community?

Show them the excellence of grappa in all his shades with videos and images about the:

  • Production process.
  • Events and tastings.
  • Receipts and cocktails.
  • News and promotions.
  • And last but not the least, guide your followers through your distillery to show your work behind the scenes.

Leave space to your imagination! Build and share your product’s story, and, why not… create one channel to publish series, keep your community on pins and needles and give them a reason to come back!

Will grappa become trendy even on YouTube?


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