Food trends

Every year we seen a wide range of food and drink trends, reflecting changing attitudes towards health, social values, and the environment.

These trends affect food categories performances. For example green tea continues to rise for consumpion at home, so people share a lot of picture about it. With the hashtag #greentea we can find more than 6,300,000 posts most of them suggests new usage or brands.

For healty reasons people increase consumption of ginger and curcuma, and this affects the number of search on google, as seen in the picture above. An useful tool for monitoring how people search about terms related to our companies is google trends.

We have compared two words: “curcuma” and “zenzero”. Google trends give us information about the trend, we have selected Italy as country and the last 5 years as time lenght. We can also focusing on Regions or cities, to plan you contents accordingly.

For more information about how Google trends work click here


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