Instagram vs. Food: when beauty overcomes tastiness

How many times did you post a food picture without even tasting the dish first? The food industry has completely changed the way to present its products with the spread of social networks. Now, more than ever, the online appearance is a key factor to attract customers.

Several restaurant and bar owners have responded to this trend modifying their menus in order to create “good-looking” dishes. An example is the Rainbow Toast from Hong Kong, also called “unicorn grilled cheese”, or the trendy Selfieccino that is blowing up among Londinese cafes.

Selfieccino making process

On the other hand, some are fighting against this tendency, introducing for instance bans on using mobile phones at the table, like at chef Yate’s Deli.

This trend is also linked with the development of the renowned experience economy that is becoming very popular. Consumers now care less about physical items and more about travels, activities and experiences in general.

Having this in mind, is it really necessary to turn your menu upside-down to make it more “instagram worthy”? An effective strategy could be focusing more on the quality of food and investing on the restaurant environment, atmosphere, location and customer service.  

Swing seats, WellDone (Padua)

In this way, restaurants do not need to lose their identities or to break their core values to please the mass market, but they should look at social media as an opportunity: a mean to engage consumers in experiencing the real identity of their businesses.

What do you think: is Instagram killing food?


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