Eat Pizza, lick gelato, drink sprizz : what about authentic italian food?

Hey there, I heard that Ca foscari goes online? Well, as an Italian student, I’ve decided to interview different exchange students about what we all care the most about : food.

For me Venice is such a special city, unique in all the world, can give genuine moments, original sightseeing and of course, the perfect meal. But how do foreigners experience the city and especially its food offerings when they first come here. Let’s figure out what they said: 

“I always enjoyed Italian food, but since I got here I basically only had pizza and gelato. It seems kind of hard to escape all the touristic food places and find really good and diverse Italian food (without spending a fortune).” Kira

“When I first came to Italy I had so much expectations about food! You see, you can find Italian food pretty much everywhere and it can be very tasty. So coming to Italy, I was ready to experience the real Italian food, not the one you can find in other countries. Hence since I am there I can’t stop asking myself: “Is that Italian food they serve to tourists or is it food Italian would actually eat?”. I haven’t found the answer yet!” Justine

“Everything tastes delicious here but healthy? I don’t think so! And because I’m trying to change my eating habits and eat more consciously, I think that at some point I will avoid restaurants and cook everyday fresh products from local markets”  Sofia

“ Although I would like to discover the local culinary specialties, so far I ate mostly Pizza, Pasta and Gelato. I think it is hard to find a traditional restaurant in such a touristic city.” Ina

“ My experience as an exchange student in Venice showed me how hard it is to have a balanced nutrition during my time in here. That’s why I totally agree and support all proceedings according to get a healthful, balanced and organic italian cuisine.” Firat

Amazing, it seems very difficult to enjoy a real great meal, but look, if you want to choose a special place for your meals and a great tour of Venice without any touristic improper, we suggest you special places.

Try to visit and have one of the best lunches in the city @ParadisoPerduto, a special place near Ghetto of Venice where you have to try first some cicchettis and the special pasta of the day. Then, why don’t you try to get lost in the city and find yourself @BacaretodaLlele near I.U.A.V. enter for the happy hour. Then, if you are hungry and you want to know a very traditional place go to @AiDoFarai, a special place, the favourite “trattoria” of “gondolieri” in Venice.


Enjoy the visits and have a good real venetian meal!

Use our hashtags and have fun!  

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