How many Americans like pizza? Incredibly, 94 percent of all Americans enjoy pizza regularly. More than three billion pizzas are sold annually in the U.S, more than ten percent of all food orders.


October is America’s Pizza Month: an entire month dedicated to this amazing food, allowing to try pizza in all its variations and tastes. The idea of celebrating Pizza Month came to Gerry Durnell, the publisher of Pizza Today magazine, in 1984. During this time of the year, people consume various types of pizzas experimenting new pizzerias, as well. For celebrating, pizzerias give away free pizzas to their customers, or make special price promotions or, additionally, they create unique pizzas which are not offered routinely, as for example Mamma Mia! Pizza Kitchen in Levelland, Texas which prepared a pizza with rattlesnake meat in 2009.

How do the American pizzerias promote themselves before and during this month?

Contacting local TV stations and inviting them to the pizzeria for a pizza making class with the anchors or for a “celebrity cook-off” to celebrate National Pizza Month. Organizing school field trips to the pizzeria for this month: a great educational opportunity for younger students, who can design their own menus, make their own pizzas or learn about how pizza ingredients are grown.Exploiting this specific period to showcase locally obtained ingredients in order to honor local suppliers while also generating incredible word-of-mouth.

Social media play a relevant role in communicating with the clients through contests and through the sharing of images and videos, in order to create a strong interaction.


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