10 things you don’t know about pasta !


1. Barilla, the famous pasta brand, has won the record of the biggest pasta box ! 

With a height of more than 1 meter and a half, these giants Pennes have been sold for a caritative purpose in the Turkey. This country is known for consuming over 470.000 tonnes of pasta a year.

2. The most expensive pasta dish ? 

A plate of « White truffle pasta » worth 275$ in the notoriously expensive Italian restaurant Nello from New-York. The price is mostly due to the shavings of white truffles, known as one of the most luxurious product on earth. This dish is served as an off-menu item without mention of price and only when the star ingredient is available.

3. Longs or shorts, in ribbons, in tubes or twisted…

There are about 300 varieties of pasta in Italy. And according to the international organisation of pasta, we can find more than 600 different forms of pasta in the world.

4. It is thanks to the pasta that the forks happened to have 3 tips.

We owe to the pasta that the forks have one more point. And, at the beginning, the forks had only two teeth, so the Italians used to eat the pasta with their hands (it is not easy to take the pasta with a fork with two ends). Many years later, the solution was to invent forks with a third tip.

5. The first known recipe was makaria.

When the Greeks founded the present Naples (Nea-polis) they cooked a dish that at that time was widely consumed by its inhabitants and that they knew as makaria. It was a paste of barley flour and water that they left to dry in the sun before consuming it.

6. Pasta’s origin

Pasta originates in China or Greece, but it’s a myth that the concept of combining flour and water was brought to Italy by Marco Polo upon his return from China in the 13th century. Italy can claim the King of pasta title due to its strong affinity to the territory, the development of manufacturing techniques and culinary combinations.

7. World Pasta Day

October 25th is the World Pasta Day

You can go all out, and host a World Pasta day party, where everyone comes together to share their favorite pasta dish, or exchange recipes with others to help the love of noodle spread.

8. Pasta meaning in different languages

In Latin, Pasta means “dough pastry cake”, while in Greek, it means “barley porridge”.

In Italian, however, pasta actually means “paste”, which is logical, as that’s the way that pasta is made, by making a paste of water and flour and other things like olive oil and eggs.

9. Pasta- for pets?

Pasta is believed to be very beneficial for dogs and cats, as it can help their growth development and provide them with beautiful, health and glossy coats. In fact, this is the reason why pasta is included in so many pet food products. Of course, while pasta can be great for your cats and dogs from time to time, it isn’t recommended to give them too frequently.

10. Italy’s first pasta factory was in Venice

Artisanal pasta-making many have flourished in southern Italy, but the first pasta factory was in the North. In 1740, Venice authorized Paolo Adami of Genove to open a pasta factory there.


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