How 3D Printers are Changing the World of Food

Imagine a world in which you could design your own cake without having to put in the work and struggle with your low cooking skills. Well, now this world is a reality. The 3D food printers of the modern 21st century are able to 3D print all kinds of paste-type food.
Users can fill the capsules with any type of paste food they wish, and watch as the printer churns out the results. Furthermore, if users choose a specific recipe, the 3D printer gives instructions on which ingredients to insert into the capsules.


The price of a food 3D printer ranges from 500 to 6,000 US dollars. Obviously you get what you pay for, so a major investment will reward you with one of the most state-of-the-art printing machines available today. 3D design food printing has many pros, it is:

  • Time saving: once all the ingredients are put in the printer, there is no need to stay around and wait for it to finish. It will operate independently from this point.
  • Creative: through the use of the computer and design software, many designs can be imagined and created.
  • Customisable: you can personalize your birthday cake, or you can make a heart-shaped pizza, including choosing the colour!


However, the use of a 3D printer is in some cases limited.  Of course, a printer cannot bake and the risk of failure is sometimes high. Too bad if it’s a birthday cake! Furthermore, not any type of food can be printed: only the food in form of a paste can enter the printer, such as cream or mashed potatoes.

Since their invention, many innovative restaurants have opened and are offering the experience of 3D printed food. The first one, opened in London, is: FoodInk.  Food Ink brings together Architects, Artists, Chefs, Designers, Engineers, Futurists, Industrials, Inventors and Technologists. In this restaurant each physical component is made out of a 3D design printer, this includes: furniture, dishes, cutlery and of course, the food! The “food experience”, as they describe it, is quite expensive, reaching a cost of almost 300 euros per meal.


Involving technology in the kitchen, It is common to find contrasting opinions amongst chefs whose goal is also to offer fresh food combined with taste. However implementing technology may be a new way to reduce waste, improve efficiency and create new food experiences.

So look to the future, and download your dessert today!


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