Women stock up cheese, men are more carefree

Consumption habits

The relevance of cheese in Italian daily consumption is definitely underlined by a research carried out by the agency Food Insider. The research shows that 84% of a sample of 100 individuals eat cheese more than once in a week, while 11% only once a week. Differences between men and women about cheese consumption are not relevant since men who eat cheese more than once a week are 83%, against the 85% of women. Sub categories like millennials and over 35 have also significant similarities: they both consume cheese more than once a week for the 80%-86% of the sample.

Purchase habits

If there are no relevant differences in the cheese consumption between men and women, there are instead differences in the purchase behavior. Considering the whole sample, 58% of the individuals interviewed prefer to buy cheese from time to time, while the remaining 42% stock up. However, here there is a significant difference between men and women. While 72% of the first ones buy cheese from time to time, only 46% of women do that. This means that women prefer to stock up cheese (54%), maybe in order to prevent “emergency” situations, like last-minute guests. On the other hand, men buy cheese for an immediate consumption.


If we want to focus on the choice between being served in cheese stands or buy packaged cheese, no significant differences emerge. However, 58% of consumers use both of the alternatives, indifferently. Anyway, again a difference between men and women exist: for men, it’s more valuable to buy cheese at the stands (28%), while for most of the women (69%) it’s indifferently buying from the stand or buy packaged cheese. No relevant differences instead are caused by the age as purchase behavior doesn’t change that much between millennials and over 35.  



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