The three secrets of food marketing What are the secrets of food maketing? Create a need that leads to purchase. Thanks to marketing and communications, there are two options: a) based on a sector study, develop the right product for the our target; b) based on a given product, make its characteristics appealing to the consumer. Language, thanks to communications it is possible to change... Continue Reading →

Vote the 2017/18 SMM course official hashtag!

The new academic year 2017/18 has just started, news and updates about the course in Social Media Marketing will come soon, stay tuned! In the meantime, vote your favorite hashtag or add your proposal on the following link:

Food and Web blog continues…

The first edition of Food and Web blog project by students of the course Social Media Marketing at Ca' Foscari University of Venice (academic year 2016/17) was very successful! Thanks to all groups that participated by writing interesting articles about different food sectors (from chocolate to ice-cream, from wine to artisan beer and coffee, from organic... Continue Reading →

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