When the packaging makes the difference

Walking through the supermarkets’ shelves, everyone can notice that the number and the variety of the packaged products keeps increasing, for a cumulative series of motivations: the tendency to request products that are more and more specific and unique (for intolerant people, vegetarians, vegans, biologic, etc.), and in different sizes (family size, normal, smaller size... Continue Reading →

Healthy Pastry, when being greedy is not a shame

Health: nowadays we hear talking about it constantly, also indirectly in the form of adjectives such as biological, vegan, hypocaloric and more. The consumer’s preferences are currently focused a lot about eating well and healthy. Pastry, which is an integrating part of the culinary universe, is by no doubt tied to tradition but at the... Continue Reading →


The shops that attract more consumers are the fanciest ones, and consumers are attracted by the shops themselves; precisely by the way they are decorated, or how much tagged and famous is the shop on Facebook or Instagram.Nowadays, the success of pastry shops is not determined only by the products they sell: of course, the... Continue Reading →

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