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Are you interested in food? Would you like to know trends, marketing news, digital strategies and tips and other information about the food world? Look at the last news from our network: Chocolate: http://www.philipfodbold8.wixsite.com/chocolateconfession/ Street Food: http://www.thebravetasters.wordpress.com Spices: https://spicedexperience.wordpress.com/ Pizza:  https://pizzable.tumblr.com Wheat flour and bakery products: https://worldofwheat.wordpress.com Coffee: https://ctvenice.tumblr.com/ Food and Travel: https://vanleo1995.wixsite.com/inbloom Artisan Beer:... Continue Reading →

Food trends

Every year we seen a wide range of food and drink trends, reflecting changing attitudes towards health, social values, and the environment. These trends affect food categories performances. For example green tea continues to rise for consumpion at home, so people share a lot of picture about it. With the hashtag #greentea we can find... Continue Reading →

Food on the web in Italy

Italian or English language? We checked with Google Trends the use of the keywords "food" and "cibo" and we found that Italians are using food more than cibo despite of its mother language. Valle d'Aosta is the most active Region, followed by Lombardia and Emilia Romagna. We also compare searches related three international food: pizza... Continue Reading →

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