Vegan Pastry

Veganism culture is often badly associated with a philosophy that is not so tolerant with different diets. In reality people decide to go vegan mainly for health issues (30% of the Italian vegan and vegetarian population chose to follow this diet due to heath matters), and for the respect of nature.The growth of this phenomenon... Continue Reading →


The Cake Design Boom

From the great british bake off to the cake boss stopping by the king of chocolate, the tv shows are seeing the emergence of cake design. Cakes that are not just delightful but also beautiful and elaborated. It is a tv phenomenon that can be seen also in our usual bakeries.The eyes want their part too, bake... Continue Reading →

Bakery Products: a sector without crisis

Italians have always been known as “dolce vita” lovers as well as food enthusiast. This privileged relationship with the food industry is also a dominant sector in their economy. Italy, known by all as the “bel paese”, has always been the vacation destination for many tourists not only for its breathtaking views but also for... Continue Reading →

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