Instagram vs. Food: when beauty overcomes tastiness

How many times did you post a food picture without even tasting the dish first? The food industry has completely changed the way to present its products with the spread of social networks. Now, more than ever, the online appearance is a key factor to attract customers. Several restaurant and bar owners have responded to... Continue Reading →


A Guide for Coffee Shops to use social media marketing

In our previous posts we already have talked about why the use of social media is important. Now here is a complete social media guide to be successful in the World of Web. Even if your coffee shops already have a solid customer base, these guidelines could help you engaging more customers with social media. Coffee... Continue Reading →

How is coffee industry going on social media?

Ten years ago, “wine” was the most searched keyword among beverages, outscoring the second place by 25 percent. Yet in the past five years, with the high rising popularity, “coffee” effortlessly has taken the first place from “wine” and has shown no sign of slowing down.

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