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To quiz or not to quiz

Nowadays on the web we are surrounded by an endless number of websites, blogs, social media pages, videos, images and much more. Of course all this platforms and their related content are way to copious to be processed by human... Continue Reading →

A new trend for food lovers: The Social Eating

Have you ever thought about inviting a complete stranger for dinner? If not, let’s discover the new trend of social eating. As we all know, food have always been an aggregator for people. If you have to meet a friend or... Continue Reading →

Vegan Pastry

Veganism culture is often badly associated with a philosophy that is not so tolerant with different diets. In reality people decide to go vegan mainly for health issues (30% of the Italian vegan and vegetarian population chose to follow this... Continue Reading →

Intermarché “Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables”: a glorious fight against food waste!

Have you ever felt discriminated? For your sex, your nationality, your religion, or for your physical aspect? If yes, you know exactly how fruits and vegetables feel everyday: their physical attributes must respect specific standards in order to be accepted... Continue Reading →

6 examples of headlines to attract readers

Online or offline, headlines have always been one of the most effective tools to attract readers to articles. Starting from several marketing guides by Jay Abraham, Jeff Bullas implemented some of his best ideas for offline media to be used... Continue Reading →

Food..bloggers? Are they something to eat?

According to the last research Digital of “We Are Social”, where they collected data on the use of digital channels and social, of the devices employed by users and more generally on the digital scene, it is clear that every... Continue Reading →

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