Social Media Marketing 31/10/17 Exam – Attending students’ final grades

Please find the final grades of the Social Media Marketing 31/10/17 Exam for  attending students  (including exam + group project + class activities) on my webpage:


Group projects – final grade

Below the grades for the 2017/18 group project. The grading is comparative and took into consideration the following elements: overall SMM strategy and implementation use of concepts and tools explained in class original research and content (eg., interviews with companies, influencers, consumers, etc.) collaboration with other groups final presentation. It is possible to have a... Continue Reading →


On 2nd October, in Venice, took place the fifth stage of the #graitour: Italian road show involving 7 American bartenders winners of the Gra’it Challenge, a bartending competition launched by Distilleria Bonollo with Gra’it Grappa as protagonist. What type of spirit is Gra’it Grappa? Let’s go back to the beginning of this story.   Gra’it Grappa was conceived... Continue Reading →

Eating vegan: beyond just a craze

Vegan is not just cool, but is changing lifestyle as more and more Italians are ditching meat in favour of eating more greens. As people on a vegan diet eat no meat, eggs, honey, milk or any other dairy product, going vegan may sound pretty hard. On the other hand, this lifestyle choice is getting... Continue Reading →

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