Nowadays social medias cover an important role in our daily routine. Not surprisingly, over 39 out of 60 million people in Italy use Internet and 31 million are active on social media. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter are the most popular platforms and we will focus our analysis on the last two. Twitter is a... Continue Reading →


Healthy Pastry, when being greedy is not a shame

Health: nowadays we hear talking about it constantly, also indirectly in the form of adjectives such as biological, vegan, hypocaloric and more. The consumer’s preferences are currently focused a lot about eating well and healthy. Pastry, which is an integrating part of the culinary universe, is by no doubt tied to tradition but at the... Continue Reading →


On 2nd October, in Venice, took place the fifth stage of the #graitour: Italian road show involving 7 American bartenders winners of the Gra’it Challenge, a bartending competition launched by Distilleria Bonollo with Gra’it Grappa as protagonist. What type of spirit is Gra’it Grappa? Let’s go back to the beginning of this story.   Gra’it Grappa was conceived... Continue Reading →

Eating vegan: beyond just a craze

Vegan is not just cool, but is changing lifestyle as more and more Italians are ditching meat in favour of eating more greens. As people on a vegan diet eat no meat, eggs, honey, milk or any other dairy product, going vegan may sound pretty hard. On the other hand, this lifestyle choice is getting... Continue Reading →

To quiz or not to quiz

Nowadays on the web we are surrounded by an endless number of websites, blogs, social media pages, videos, images and much more. Of course all this platforms and their related content are way to copious to be processed by human brains. In front of our pc, smartphone and tablet we cherry-pick the pages to follow,... Continue Reading →

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