Mapping of the most organic countries in the world

The sector of organic food has been gaining momentum over the past two decades: revenue from sales of organic products have increased almost fivefold since 1999, with global sales of organic food and drink reaching US$72 billion in 2013, and the Organic Monitor predicts further growth in coming years. And all of us understand why... Continue Reading →


E-commerce as a valuable channel for organic food

As we have already seen on our previous article, e-commerce is becoming one of the most used channels to buy and sell products and it has proved to be a valuable tool, if used paying attention to customers’ needs. A lot of product categories can now be found online and the food industry too had... Continue Reading →

Organic Chocolate Trend

  Organic, also known as “bio”, food consumption is increasing globally. In Italy, the sales of bio products in the GDO are 20.6% more compared to the previous year. (ilSole24Ore) The leader in the Italian market is EcorNaturaSì, whose core business is the production of organic and biodynamic chocolate. Organic farming is a method that... Continue Reading →

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